Rahall Statement on the President’s ‘Untenable’ Carbon Regulation Proposal

Jun 25, 2013 Issues: Mining & Energy

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Nick J. Rahall released the following statement in response to President Obama’s climate change proposal unveiled at Georgetown University this afternoon. 


“The misguided, misinformed and untenable policy that the President put forth this afternoon puts at risk the energy security of America and the jobs of millions of our citizens.  Locking away the fuels that power our nation behind ideologically imposed barriers will drive up costs for nearly every business and manner of industrial activity while driving jobs overseas.  Households already struggling to make ends meet will see energy bills skyrocket. 


“If the President was serious about reducing carbon emissions and growing our economy then he should not be issuing these crippling regulations until a feasible means exists to comply with them.   Technology that enables fossil fuels to be burned more efficiently and cleanly, could be developed in concert with industry, exported to the rest of the world, which is responsible for more than 80% of carbon emissions, while creating jobs here at home.  But instead, by choosing to travel the uncompromising path he laid out today, leaving energy producers without any realistic means to comply with whims of Washington bureaucrats, he is sowing the seeds for a less competitive nation.”